BenchMark 500 SE Annuity Series - The NEW Standard!
$500 for each $100,000 in qualifying premium!

NEW Liquidity Option— One-time emergency withdrawal of up to 20%,* surrender charge-free! Standard 10% withdrawal in other years.

NEW Indexed Strategies and Guarantee— 2% safety guarantee compounded annually on five- and six-year indexed strategies.

NEW Premium Enhancement Options— Depending on product, 3%, 5%, or 8% up-front premium enhancement.

From a carrier that has been:

#2 on Forbes’ list of "100 Most Trustworthy Companies" for two years in a row.**
“A” rated or higher by A.M. Best for 50 years.
Paying shareholders dividends for 99 consecutive years.††
Irwin Financial Group Up to 8% GA-Level Comp!

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Legacy: Your future is out business
BenchMark 500SM SE flexible premium deferred fixed index annuities are issued by American National Insurance Company, Galveston, TX; products are distributed by Legacy Marketing Group®. Products and features may not be available in all jurisdictions. Refer to contract, Earnings Rate Update, sales guide, and State Approval Matrix for details. Policy Form Nos: AN-PEIA0306-10, AN-CEIA0306-10, AN-PEIA0306-10B, AN-CEIA0306-10B, AN-PEIA0306-6, AN-CEIA0306-6, AN-PEIA0306-6B, AN-CEIA0306-6B, et al.
Guarantees are backed by the claims-paying ability of the issuing insurance carrier. When a person buys this annuity, the person is not buying an ownership interest in any stock or index. Interest earnings are paid at a rate that is related to the performance of the index. The index does not reflect dividends paid on the stocks underlying the index. Past performance of the index is no guarantee of future results. If the index loses value over the indexing term, the owner will not receive any interest except as provided under the contract’s minimum guaranteed surrender value provision. Indexed interest will only be credited to the annuity at the end of the term period. A premium enhancement is considered interest earnings by the IRS and is reported on Form 1099, when withdrawn.
* Includes annual 10% surrender charge-free withdrawal and one-time additional 10% surrender charge-free withdrawal. One-time additional 10% withdrawal is currently provided by administrative practice. Withdrawals in excess of the surrender charge-free amount may be subject to applicable surrender charges and/or market value adjustments. Withdrawals may be subject to income tax, and a 10% federal tax penalty may apply to withdrawals taken before age 59½. If the owner accesses a portion of the value in an indexed strategy before the end of the term period, the portion accessed will not be credited interest. Clients should consult their tax adviser or attorney regarding their specific situation.
** Source: Audit Integrity: "Audit Integrity Top 100: 2009 Exclusive Report," April 6, 2009.
A.M. Best Magazine (July 2009). A (Excellent) by A.M. Best, the third highest of 13 active company ratings for financial strength. AA- (Very Strong) by Standard & Poor’s, the fourth highest of 20 active company ratings for financial strength. Ratings as of September 2009.
†† Yahoo!® Finance, July 30, 2009
§ Ten-year, no enhancement product. Attained ages 0-75. Refer to Compensation Schedule for details, including commission for ages over 75.
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