How many people asked you to write a
life policy on them this weekend? How
many people would you like to ask you?

The Kiosk Profit Center Program,
brought to you by the American Insurance Institute, will have people ASKING you to
sell them life insurance!

Simply set up a booth/kiosk like this one
at conventions, trade shows, flea markets, state fairs, farmers markets, etc., displaying and promoting life insurance to middle-income Americans. You can generate volumes of life sales for you and your agency in only a few hours in your spare time on the weekends.

We work with you to find the right venue's... we offer full training... and we teach you how to generate new sales and new clients consistently on an ongoing bais.

Here is what actual producers have to say about our Kiosk program:

Real Life Testimonials:

"As you know Randy, we began with The American Insurance Institute in September of '08. Since then we have put up and manned an Affordable Life Display Booth every Thursday afternoon. The worst day I ever had was only getting five people to fill out cards and tell me they want to buy life insurance, but that was only a three-hour period. My best day was ten cards and 8 sales and $12,443.40 in first year commission.

That was at the end of April of this year. You can bet I will be at my booth next April and every April thereafter in the future. Since the first of the year I have signed up 37 new agencies here in southern California. I knew I could build an agency with you and your marketing programs and it is making my dream come true of building an agency. I am having fun for the first time in this life insurance business so I thank you from the bottom of my heart. "

- George Litchfield, Yucaipa, CA

"On the weekend of July 24th, a Friday, Saturday and Sunday, I set up my booth at the Tulsa Home and Garden Show. I have never experienced anything like this. Probably 250 people that stopped by the booth picked up a brochure and looked it over and took it home with them.

I had about 50 that I talked to personally over the three-day period, of which one lady gave me all the information and I called her and have an appointment this weekend. Another couple said "We have been looking for life insurance," and filled out a card. I have appointment with them tonight. Then a man with high blood pressure (but controlled) walked by and that will turn into $100,000 permanent policy with a terrific commission.

I cannot tell you how pleased I am with the overall results. Thank you Randy Murray and The American Insurance Institute. This is the easiest way of selling life insurance I have ever seen and the best thing is these are people with money, middle to upper middle income citizens, that want to buy."

- Tim Douglas, Tulsa, OK

"Randy, you won't believe this. Last weekend, I had my booth set up at the fairgrounds in Helen, Georgia. I had several men and women pick up brochures and hopefully will fill out and send back to me. I made only one sale, but the commission was $1,021.33, and that isn't bad pay for six hours of meeting new people and making friends.

The thing you won't believe is this: One of the people that came by was the executive director of an independent association of P&C agencies representing some 1,600 agency owners here in the state of Georgia. He was so impressed with my booth and the Affordable Life Brochure that he has invited me to come set up my booth at their annual convention next week in Atlanta. Talk about building an agency... this has been my dream since I entered the business some ten years ago, to build my own life insurance agency. Thank you Randy Murray for giving me a career. "

- Graham Smith, Atlanta, GA

"Randy, since the start of our association in March of this year, I have been so excited every day I get out of bed. I have set up and manned 5 booths during the week and on weekends, and to say I am happy about the results would be an understatement. The best night I had, I made five sales for approximately $2,200 in annual premium. Not bad for a few hours handing out brochures. Thank you so much Randy Murray for giving me a reason to get out of bed each day. "

- Carl Padilla, Riverside, CA

"Randy Murray is truly an Insurance Marketing genius. In all of the years I have been in this industry I have never seen or been exposed to a greater marketing mind. Randy is the best at what he does, helping agents find and sell to people who want Life Insurance. His methodologies and ideas are original and most importantly, very effective. Though people tried to copy Randy's work, there is and always will be only one Randy Murray."

- Brian Pope, President, Insurance Wholesalers Inc.

"The first week I got 5 leads and sold two and commission about $1,500. The second week I got 7 leads and 5 appointments with $4400 annual premium. This last week I only got 2 but one was 78 and other 77 year old... and the commission is over $2,000. I will never sell life insurance another way the rest of my life... I make money and make friends... what a combination. By the way, I don't spend all weekend at my booth, it only is open from 9 - 2 on Fridays... not bad commission for 5 hours once a week. I wish I had known how to do this 40 years ago..."

- Lloyd Banks, Stockton, CA

" Over the years, I have often referred to Randy Murray as an 'Icon' in the life insurance industry. Randy Murray, and the marketing system he designed, has single-handedly changed the way life insurance is marketed today! Oh sure, I still see life insurance marketed in the traditional way. But then again, there is a blacksmith still doing business down the road from me."

"A man once asked me, 'If you wanted to teach your child to swim, who would you send him to -your neighbor, who can't swim, or an Olympic swimmer?' If you want to make REAL money in the life insurance business, who are you going to listen to: your co-worker or the Icon? The choice is yours!"

- Michael Hallmann, Muskego, WI

"I learned from Randy Murray how to market life insurance properly! I learned that the life insurance and annuity business is an honorable profession that will allow my family and me any lifestyle we want. I retired recently and know I am one of the few in our profession that gets to retire with a solid income."

- Ben Daniels, TX

Place your business through our agency, American Insurance Institute, and
we will teach you how to advertise life insurance. Prospects will stop by your booth, and they will call you, and they will buy. We know because we have sold over one million policies. Fill out the form above for more information on our money-making Kiosk Program or click on the link below to visit The American Insurance Institute web site. Or give us a call at 877-250-4428.

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